TED Like Talk


In Language Arts, we did TED-like talks about things that we were passionate about. For my blog post, I did “Dogs and their sleeping positions and habits”.This TED  talk helped me with presentational speaking. This TED-like talk was in front of my class and was a very good experience. The TED talk was about 5 minutes and in front of the whole class. I was a little scared but I loved the experience and I would definitely do it a second time. I did a lot of research using the Casper website and found a lot of cool facts you should defiantly check out.

Tree Book

For Language Arts, our class did tree books which is a combination of art and writing. The first thing we did was printing we bought leaves from home and we printed the leaves. Then we cut the stencils glued and collaged them on our books. Last but not least we wrote what was going to go in our books including a life list a salute to our roots and much more. Let me share a few pictures with you.

Westing Game Stocks

In class, we are reading a book called Westing Game. One of the main characters  Turtle Wexler loves stocks and checks her stocks very often so we decided to try stocks ourselves. The spreadsheet is very complicated and you have to be very precise. The companies that you choose have to be very popular companies and it is all about the timing. Sephora could be worth 150.27 one minute and then the next it could be 152.77. The companies I chose were Apple, Target, Nike, Lululemon, Walmart, and Nordstrom Some ideas were from friends but others seemed like they are are trending. I ended up with $-3706.78 over the course of 3 months.

Morehead Planetarium


Last Wednesday we had our first field trip since Covid! We went to the Morehead Planetarium on the UNC college campus. The first thing that we did was go to the science stage. We learned a lot about physics and how physics works. Science stage was very fun to watch and great for all ages.

Next, we looked at the interactive exhibits which were very interesting and there were exhibits like the sea level. There were also chances to listen to different sounds like animal sounds vs people sounds.

Last but not least there was the planetarium where we watched the astronaut show. The show was very funny but also taught us a lot. Then we looked at stars and zodiac signs and before I knew it it was time to go. I had so much fun I will definitely go back and I highly recommend it.


Book that you NEED to read


The first book I would like to recommend is called Small Spaces. It is great for ages 12-14 and had a lot of adventure and parts that will leave you on the edge of your seat. You won’t want to put the book down. The book is about a girl named Ollie and she steals a book from a crazy woman. She does not realize that she has stolen a book that is cursed by the Smiley Man. Later, she goes on a field trip with her classmates and suddenly the bus breaks down. She decides to leave but before she leaves she gets a weird message from the bus driver telling her to stick to the small spaces. In order to stop the Smiley Man, she must go on an adventure with her other two classmates in order to stop the smiley man from leaving her and her friends cursed in the woods forever.

This is my second must-read book. This book is about two besties who have just become teenagers. They want to raise money for a spa day for one of their parents. They try to make money and come up with a great idea of house sitting to come up with the money. The housesit for a very wealthy woman named Ms. Langford. They invite some friends over and break a very expensive lamp. They will do anything it takes to come up with over 200 dollars to buy a new one. Will they ever come up with the money? In this book, they learn the responsibility of being a teenager and the importance of being responsible. This book is great for kids who love relatable situations with an age range of 8-14.

Wisdom Tale

In class wee have been working on wisdom tales wisdom tales are stories that teach you a lesson and it has a moral to the story. They have lots of lessons like you see what you want to see and treat others the way you want to be treated. I chose the story Three Wishes because I though it was really fun and I though it would be fun to recreate in comic form.Three Wishes is about a man who finds a fairy and gets three wishes and something really funny happens (see above).The comic took a long time even though I traced some things and imported some of the backgrounds.I loved this project and I recommend doing it sometime.

The Clique

Hi hope you’re having a good day. I have been really interested the clique books. They were made in the early 2000’s but they are still selling them now. You can get them for about $9 each on Amazon. These books keep me on the edge of my seat and they are very drama filled.Right now I am on book #6 Dial L for Loser. These books are about 5 girls that are very popular and do cool things and go on fun adventures. If you need a book to read these are the books to read. These have kept me motivated and on the edge of my seat. Hope to see you soon in the next blog post.Thank you for reading bye.

Daily Habit

In class we had to do planks which has a compound effect. We started at 15 seconds and went all the way to 3:00 minutes.We kept up with it by using a tracker and we would increase our time by 15 seconds at the start of the week. Now we are making our own daily habit and mine is drinking my whole water bottle every day 

The benefit of compound effect is that if you do the habit daily then your brain will automatically remember to do it after so long. Like if my daily habit was to do 10 jumping jacks every day at 5:00, then after doing for a while it would just be automatic. I would automatically know to do 10 jumping jacks at 5:00.

You should try a compound effect if there is something important you need to do like go get fresh air every day, finish your homework by 6:00, or to take your daily vitamins every day.

I realized that it takes a long time to get used to your arms burning every time you do a plank. It was fun but I am glad it was over. I noticed that I was getting strong every week and had better upper body strength. I learned that it takes me a long time to get used to a daily habit and stick with it.

 My challenge was to keep my feet on the ground without slipping.I want youth to try to do a plank on a tile floor and see if you slip (be careful). The reason you might be slipping is because you do not have a strong enough core or you might not be squeezing your core .

My new habit is drinking my whole water bottle which I might have already mentioned. I did This cause I always find myself getting dehydrated and I just need to drink more water.


Is it a Window or Mirror Book?


Right now I am reading Revenge of the Wannabes by Lisa Harrison. In case you are wondering, a mirror is a  book that you see yourself in and a window book is a book that is different from you, your experiences, or how you see the world. My book is a window book. I think this because the girls are very popular and snobby and very rude to almost everybody. They don’t like it when people become more popular than them and they are also very wealthy and very trendy.The book takes place in 2005, so I also can’t relate to that. I love this book and it is completely opposite of me and my life.

My Backpack

In the book Finding Someplace written by Denise Louise Patrick, the main character named  Reesie Boone is about to experience one of the experiences in her life. She has to face hurricane Katrina and the only thing that she had before leaving her house was a backpack.

I know what I would bring if I was fleeing from hurricane Katrina. Let me explain. The first thing I would bring is scrunchie to tie up my hair. Next, I would bring a granola bar, so I am not hungry and to give me energy along with some gum and lollipops to stop my hunger. I would also bring money for food, water, and emergencies. I would of course need a phone like Reesie to call someone in an emergency and some Burts Bees Chapstick for my chapped lips. I also need to bring a passport, in case I need to leave like how Reesie’s friends did and of course my flashlight so I can use it in the dark. I also need to bring some pants and shorts and shirts for warmth and comfort. I know I will need a first aid kit just in case me or somebody else gets hurt. So I am not upset about a picture to remind me of home. I definitely need a book for entertainment and some  and a pencil to document what is happening.I also need to get masks in case I go into a store and I also need  some batteries for my flashlight. I also should bring a charger with a power bank so I can charge my phone. I am always hungry for a PB & j sandwich in case I get hungry and  a pair of flop for an extra pair of shoes. The last thing I would bring is a water bottle, so I can fill  it up with water and keep food or drinks cold.


That’s what I would bring in my backpack.